Problems Worth Solving

Healthcare & Development

  • Identification and detection of risk factors that may reduce mortality rates in individuals with specific chronic disease
  • Understanding the mystery of treatment compliance in patching children with lazy eye
  • Improving prenatal outcomes in Pakistan by providing access to and education around methods (multi-micronutrient prenatal vitamins) which are standard of care in N America and Europe

Education & Society

  • Increasing access for girls in rural Pakistan to attend schools which provide a comprehensive education focused on achievement
  • Creating a secure and vibrant living community for mentally disabled, Muslim young adults where they can thrive throughout their lives

Equity & Diversity

  • Ensuring people in at risk communities have adequate access to basic COVID-19 prevention measures
  • Shedding light on challenges with gender equity in the Asia Pacific region

Civic Engagement

  • Expanding visibility and opportunity to inspire our local community to be active, engaged, and proud of Cleveland as an international city worth looking up to
  • Enabling dignified, supportive, and productive integration of refugees as new and welcomed members of our community